A serious post to all my chronically ill and disabled friends


I have so much I want to write about today, but the feeling in my gut that I have to write this post will not go away.

This is for all my chronically ill and disabled friends out there – whether we have met or not. Maybe we have only exchanged a few lines on Facebook, or maybe we have been in touch for a long time – no matter what – I still see you.

I saw a status update on Facebook today from one of my friends today. I wont post the original wording, but it was somewhat along the line of «it’s to hard, I don’t know if I can go on.»

I’ve been there. Many of my friends have been there. That very dark, very scary place when you just can’t see the point of existing any more.

It IS very, very hard, this life of ours. I don’t have to explain, you all know it to well.

But please, I beg you – please hold on. Don’t let go, hold on just a little bit longer.

If you can go on for just a few more days, and then some and then some – it will make me SO happy! I promise – it will be better.

We live in exciting and frustrating times. Not in 20 years have so much happened in the field of research of ME/CFS. And still, the treatments are just out of reach – not tested, too expensive, too experimental… But please hold on, because there WILL be help.

I use to say that we are each others’ virtual cheerleading team.

So when you are curled up in bed, pain smashing through your body like violent waves – try to think about «us» – your fellow sufferers, colleagues or whatever you want to call us – lined up around your bed, dressed in colorful and glittering cheerleading costumes, with sparkling pom-pons of course, cheering for you. GO GO GO!! HOLD ON!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

It sure makes me smile to think about it. 🙂

I see you. I feel your pain. But please hold on.



(I’m sorry if I am a bit sentimental now… but I just am…)


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