The first news from TV2 with English subtitles for our international ME-friends (#ME #mecfs #Rituximab)


I know that I have some international readers who are dizzy with joy from the wonderful research news from Norway! 🙂

I wish I had the capacity to translate every article, every news on TV for you, so that you could take part in ALL of it. But the media storm has been so huge that I’ve even had trouble keeping up with the news in Norwegian. At least BBC posted an article today! It made me extra happy because I have heard how hard it’s been for the patients in UK to get the media to send/post relevant information.. 🙁 Shame on them!

Right now I feel like someone has hammered my head into a meatball, so I’ll keep this short: Please click here or to see the very first news from the Norwegian TV2 about the Rituximab-study with English subtitles!

Thanks to «Norefall» and Beate who made this!



Please share!!

Oh, I just have to say one more thing…. Did you hear that the assistant director of the Norwegian Directorate of Health actually said «we are sorry» to the ME-patients?? It’s true! European ME Alliance  is also writing about it! It’s actually a nice start I think!



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