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Not everyone can or will travel. But I love to do it when I can. I used to work on some projects that brought me to many places, and it was great. I don’t like the journey in itself so much, for example I can’t stand being stuck in an airplane-seat for long. Or standing in line at airports with heavy luggage.

What I love most about travelling is experiencing new places, meeting new friends and trying new food. Of course, some trips are more about relaxing than experiencing! And to those who thinks travelling for business is like being a tourist – forget it! On most business-trips you go airport – hotel – meeting room – airport. But sometimes you get lucky and can stay a bit longer or get a couple of hours to yourself.

I hope I can travel many times and see many places before it’s my time to leave this world. 🙂

I’m doing a photo challenge for February I found on Instagram. I will post my pics here also. Feel free to jump in! Instructions at the bottom of the first post.


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